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Milanese Surprise

Adapting and Enjoying

Day 0 — Location Milan on June 12, 2014

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Milan Arrival

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Our first couple days in Italy before we met up with the tour group were the most chaotic and brought many unexpected surprises. Fortunately, we learned to adapt and enjoy the ride. Our first night on our honeymoon we had booked in advance, just to ensure that we wouldn’t be roaming the streets of Milan trying to find a place to stay. We booked on Airbnd what we thought was one bedroom apartment for a rate that we should have known was too good to be true. We lugged our backpacks through Milan to the apartment to find out that what we had booked was one bedroom in an apartment, sharing a bathroom with our hosts.

Milan Duomo

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That was one of the hottest days that Milan had seen that summer with highs in the 90s. We visited the Milan duomo and it was our first introduction to the breathtaking detail that characterizes the churches of Italy. We even climbed the stairs to the roof of the duomo and surveyed the panorama of Milan, which hosts the only sky- scrapers in all of Italy.

Campari Apertivio

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We tried an Italian Campari Apertivo in the same café – Camparino in Galleria- frequented by Giuseppe Verdi, the famous Italian opera composer. We learned here that there are two separate prices and rules for a standing drink vs. a sitting drink. This was the first time, but certainly not the last, when we had to stand while eating/drinking in Italy. We had a great view, however, of the piazza del Duomo.

Goodnight Milan

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We returned to our one bedroom in an apartment for the evening. There was no air conditioning, no light in the bathroom except for a small window near the ceiling, and a bedroom light switch that would only stay on once Shannon taped it with a band-aid from her first aid kit. But it was just one night and we were so tired from our whirlwind wedding, 13 hour plane flight, and walks around Milan that we both slept just fine.