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Leaning Towers and Singing Monks

Day 11 — Location Pisa on June 23, 2014


Leaning Tower of Pisa

  • Large tower

  • Large tower2

  • Large tower3

  • Large tower4

  • Large tower5

  • Current
  • Thumb tower
  • Thumb tower2
  • Thumb tower3
  • Thumb tower4
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On our way from Cinque Terra to Sienna, we were able to stop in Pisa to see the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa as well as the huge baptismal next to it. We took the typical pictures of us holding up the leaning tower and found it amusing to see the hoards of tourists doing the exact same thing.

Baptismal and Singing Monk

  • Large baptismal

  • Large baptismal2

  • Large baptismal3

  • Large baptismal4

  • Large baptismal5

  • Current
  • Thumb baptismal
  • Thumb baptismal2
  • Thumb baptismal3
  • Thumb baptismal4
  • Thumb baptismal5

The baptismal was also an impressive site – all stone surfaces and empty space with stairs that took us to a walkway around the top of the room where we could look down the steep drop at the center of the Baptismal. Every half hour a monk comes into the center of the baptismal to sing and we timed our visit to hear him. As the monk projected his voice onto each facet of the stone building, the perfect tones echoed back creating a chorus of harmonious melodies.