Fun on a Funicular

Day 15 — Location Orvieto on June 27, 2014


Churches and Gelato

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Orvieto was another one of those nice travelling stops, only accessible by car with a special permit for the funicular so that it felt free from the tourist traps. We stopped in another beautiful church and were told that it was a rather large one for such a town, built to commemorate the miracle of the Corpus Christi (remember that parade back in Cinqua Terra). After a quick tour of the church with Trina, we set off on our own in search of the local culture, which really just means we went to get gelato. The gelato we wanted was the one Trina recommended - the Rum and Chocolate, her husband’s favorite. Since we were on a mission, we walked as quickly as possible to the gelato shop, and just in the nick of time, we got the very last scoop of Rum Chocolate in the shop (much to the dismay of our slower tour companions).

Exploring the Town

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After this nice gelato stop, we took it easy exploring the city and stopping in local shops. Later we ran into some of our friends around lunch time, so we all ducked into little restaurant that met all the Rick Steves’ recommendations being off the beaten path with a menu in handwritten Italian. The restaurant proved to be a great one and we enjoyed an appetizer, rabbit, pasta, and wine. Our waitress then returned and asked us what we would like for dessert in Italian. Devin answered that we were too full in his broken Italian. Incredulous, perhaps believing there to be something lost in translation, she brought out her manager who explained the desert menu to us in English. But we was surprised once again when declined. You’ve got to love the Italian passion for food, its not just a meal, its about sharing a work of art for the palette.