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Chilling with the ice man

Day 5 — Location Bolzano on June 17, 2014

Bolzano us

The Iceman

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In Bolzanno we had a rare and exciting opportunity to see “The Ice Man.” This primitive body later named “Otzi” was discovered in the early 90s and dated to 3,300 BC, and is considered to be Europe’s oldest mummy. The body was found frozen in a glacier in the alps by some hikers and was initially thought to be a murder victim. The police began to conduct their investigation before realizing they had actually stumbled upon a major archeological find. They soon called in the archeologists, but by then significant damage from the partial extraction of the body had already been done.

Museum and Scientific Discoveries

The museum dedicated to “Otzi” the Iceman offered a chance for us to peer through a tiny glass window at the actual preserved body as well as to read the exciting things that have been learned about the body and his death. It turns out that the police involved in the Iceman’s discovery may have been right all along that this was a murder victim – only it would have been a murder 5,000 years ago. Shannon was especially interested in the medical discoveries concerning the Iceman. For one, scientists speculate that the Iceman’s blood type was type O+. Also he appears to have suffered from atherosclerosis – a disease commonly believed to be a modern invention tied to fast food consumption but that may have been a plague even of caveman days.

Market and Lunch

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We also enjoyed the bustling activity of Bolzanno and its market of fresh fruit. We got used to hearing German on the streets and in the market, but Devin and I had a hard time communicating since neither of us had ever studied German. We stopped for street food of German sausage and German beer. We stood at a little table beside the street vendor in order to eat our lunch and it was the perfect place to watch the bustling market streets and soak in our final view of the mountains before heading to the marshes of Venice.